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This is a Tribal Seal… Our tribe is Everyone with an open heart, receptive to wisdom & facilitating the Peace and Ease of Life in all of its forms; People, Animals, Plants, all of Nature.  


Native Americans depicted Peace with a drawing of a broken arrow. Simply, the True Aura Seal is a beacon of Peace. Wherever this appears is a safe place to just Be… the truest version of yourself without influence. 

The meaning & inspiration within the illustration being multi-layered, the Seal depicts 3 broken arrows in a circle, with the arrowheads on the outside, replaced with universal symbol for Love.


The top arrow represents our Self & our personal life & routine; the second, Passion, Occupation & Livelihood; the third, our Relationships & Communication or “politics” if you will. 

bttm Left 001.png

On the left inside of the circle are the back halves of the broken arrows. Each with 6 lines illustrating the feathers, each feather representing whatever person, situation, conversation, decision, etc. that you intentionally engage with, with no judgment, reaction or static… from a place of Peace. The feathers criss-cross in the most “cluttered” part of the design forming a web or net; we are all human and learning while sharing a planet with billions of other Humans and ideas, things are bound to get “sticky”, cluttered, distorted at times. That doesn’t mean we reject those aspects of ourselves or the people in our Tribe. We find Peace to bring first in order to understand and grow through our personal obstacles. And the People, we keep them in our circle as long as their personal journey is not destructive to our Peace, as often as possible. 

On the right side of the circle are the front half of the arrows, arrowheads of destruction replaced with the symbol of Love. A lot of times we tackle everything from a conversation to the next task we want to accomplish aggressively, with the intent of being the victor. That means in turn someone, or something has to lose or suffer… Once the sharp words of war are broken, the potential of Love permeating the conversation opens up. And I don’t mean Love that’s in awe of or infatuated with the experience in front of you; rather acceptance, and curiosity of the diversity that Life has offered. And the spark that what the potential of common ground would do for the World around us.

bttm Right 001.png
Top 001.png

And while it is obvious 3 arrows are broken in Peace, the fractured part on the front half of the Self arrow is not seen. Representing your strength to show up “whole” while dealing with the ebbs and flows of Life gracefully...


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